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Clinically proven safety and efficacy ensure that you can use this product without any worries. Its composition includes elements such as Tribulus Terrestris extract, caffeine or epihydroxetiolan-17-ester matrix, which is responsible for the increase in fat mass.

The action of these 3 ingredients is to activate the body to increase testosterone production. Probolan 50 is currently one of the most frequently chosen products on the market that accelerates the growth of muscle mass. It has a very positive effect on our strength, endurance and other physical abilities.

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The correct process of shaping the figure should consist of alternately building muscle mass and burning fat. In order to play it all well and achieve your goals, you should first of all give yourself enough time to achieve your dream figure. You've worked for your present form for years, so you won't be able to change it in a month or two. However, there are some means, tools and, above all, dietary supplements or even mass steroids that can help you with this, significantly accelerating the process of gaining weight and protecting you against excessive (and of course undesirable) fat gain. After all, you don't want to be fat, but rather well built - muscular and fit. You will achieve this effect by combining an appropriately caloric diet with heavy strength training and supplementing it all. You probably already know how to exercise, so it's time to address the other two issues.

How to determine the caloric content of the diet for mass

Everyone needs calories to live. Each person also needs a different amount of these calories so that his body maintains its proper condition and all organs work properly. If the diet is low in calories, meaning from a thousand to a maximum of fifteen hundred calories, most people will lose weight and burn fat. However, some people, like you at the moment, want to gain weight and gain muscle mass. And how to gain weight? For this you absolutely need a caloric surplus. Since you're already training hard, you may need to add another thousand calories to your diet. Where does such a difference come from? Well, because physical effort generates a much higher energy demand. The harder and more you train, the more you have to eat to keep gaining weight anyway. Some people burn so many calories during the day that their basic energy requirements are as high as three to four thousand calories. A diet for a mass of such people can therefore contain up to six thousand calories, and sometimes even more. However, you need to determine the optimal caloric content of the diet for yourself, preferably with the help of convenient online calculators.

What dietary supplements help build muscle mass?

The dietary supplements market is doing very well now. At this point, you can find literally everything - from very popular fat burners that work well for reduction, through vitamin mixtures, and ending with steroids and hormonal preparations. However, before you start taking any weight pills, take care of the basis of the amount of protein in your diet. Muscles are built from this macronutrient. If you want to shape them, you need to get plenty of amino acids every day. By weighing one hundred kilograms and training four or five times a week in the gym, your protein needs can be as high as 250 g per day. As it is very difficult to digest this dose with chicken or dairy products alone, it is best to supplement it with protein supplements. These are products included in the group of dietary supplements. They are supposed to replace traditional food and are perfect for this role.

When looking for a good conditioner, choose classic whey protein. Repeatedly studies have shown that it is perfectly used by the body. It is absorbed very quickly, thanks to which it can be used almost immediately after consumption to build muscles or regenerate damaged muscle fibers during training. You can drink protein alone, combine it with milk or plain water, or add it to meals, especially those typically sweet. It works great especially in various types of pancakes and omelets. It even partially replaces flour, as it makes the pancakes grow beautifully in the pan and become so fluffy that they even encourage eating. Just remember that even protein can be overdone. It is not a steroid, but due to the fact that protein supplements are supplemented with various additives, when consumed in very large amounts, they sometimes cause digestive problems - diarrhea, nausea, and even vomiting. So use protein when you obviously do not have the opportunity to eat a normal protein meal or you are unable to absorb the next portion of meat or yogurt.

Creatine - a must for every bodybuilder

If you are involved in a bodybuilding environment and you happen to chat with other people who train in the gym, you must have noticed by now that literally everyone who exercises regularly also consumes creatine regularly. It is one of the best compounds with proven performance. It is a completely safe product that has been tested many times and each time it fared excellently. Creatine can, in theory, be obtained from "normal" food. It is found in meat, fish and milk, and in trace amounts even in fruits and vegetables. In practice, however, no one would be able to get the minimum dose of five grams of creatine per day, even if he consumed large amounts of beef daily. What can you do then? The solution is very simple. Find simply proven creatine-enriched sculpture pills. You can also buy pure creatine and take about 5 g of the compound per day. After two or three weeks you will feel the positive effects of supplementation. You will become more efficient and fit. You'll be able to exercise longer, harder, and more. Your muscles will start to regenerate much better. Creatine is one of the most useful compounds that you simply have to take if you want to effectively shape your body.


The second very popular dietary supplement right after creatine is citrulline. It comes in different forms, but it doesn't really matter which one you choose. If you can't make up your mind, choose citrulline malate. This is one of the better and more thoroughly researched forms of this compound, which will certainly prove to be safe and ... effective for you. And that's the point. You shouldn't mindlessly reach for the first better mass supplements until you know if they can actually help you build muscle tissue and shape your body shape. For some reason, even professional athletes always take certain doses of citrulline during their preparation. It is an inconspicuous but great product. Citrulline will definitely improve your athletic performance, primarily by providing you with extra strength during training. It is thanks to her that you become more efficient. Even if so far, after an hour of training, you literally fell out of strength, now you will be able to double the duration of your standard exercises. The conclusions are quite obvious. The more and harder you train, the faster and more effectively your silhouette changes. So you should look for different ways to provide yourself with extra energy. You will start using it during exercise, and this will give your muscles even more stimuli to grow.


You are probably already tempted to reach for more specialized bulking steroids. However, you must remember that they should be treated as the last resort. Steroids certainly work and no one will argue with that, but they also change many other things in your body, and you never really know what the final effect will be on your health. So before you even start looking at steroids, think about why you're still standing still and why you're still unable to build and shape muscle. Perhaps the cause lies in your diet. Maybe you really train very hard and are systematic in it, but you are unable to absorb enormous amounts of calories because you simply cannot absorb such large amounts of food. The solution may be simpler than you think. Instead of wasting money on miracle drugs and other remedies, invest in gainers. They are not absolutely necessary in the process of building muscle mass, but sometimes they are very helpful, as many people have already found out about.

Gainer is a kind of specialty food. To some extent, it resembles a classic whey supplement, because it is sold in similar packages, but it differs in that it is designed to introduce into the body not only protein, but also two other macronutrients, i.e. fats and carbohydrates. Gainer is an excellent proposition for those people who, due to their natural body structure, are even unable to gain weight. And some people do. Perhaps you are struggling with a similar problem yourself, because you are able to eat a large pizza in the evening, covered with double cheese, and in the morning you still wake up one kilogram lighter than the day before. Gainer is a supplement distinguished by its high caloric content. Just one serving of it will provide you with an additional several hundred calories. You can reach for it whenever you decide that you need it. However, try to look for high-quality gainers. Look at the ratio of protein to other macronutrients in them. In gainers, look for additional vitamins and minerals, and avoid unnecessary additives, i.e. preservatives, dyes or flavors.

Now you know more or less which weight pills you really should reach for if you want to build this mass on an ongoing basis. First, buy a good quality protein supplement. Most likely you will use it quite often, so you can buy two or three large packages right away. Then invest in creatine and citrulline and - optionally - one gainer. If all of this is not enough for you, in the end you can try some steroids on yourself, but be sure to check their source and make sure they are tested.

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